Have you planned to sing or to raise your voices in other ways on Peace Day this year?

We know it’s been hard for so many choirs, schools and singing groups over the last 17 months and that lots of you have not really been able to physically sing together. Despite that, so many wonderful things have been taking place – online and also of late, in the community and in homes, so well done everyone for keeping going and keeping the spirit of singing together alive.

The good news of course is that people can now start to sing together properly so we hope you have been able to start doing that – and that you will be raising your voices in one form or another on September 21st this year.

If you’re not sure what to sing then maybe check out the Global Song Circle songs on our website – and if you’re still at home on your own, just join in and sing along with them. All that matters is that we keep raising our voices for peace – personal, local and global peace. We send love and peace to you all and let us know what you are planning to do this year.

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