ODOC at The British Museum 2018

This time last week the inspiring One Day One Choir flagship concert was underway in the amazing British Museum – a museum of the world, for the world, so a perfect venue for us – and thousands and thousands of you were, or had been, singing all around the world for peace.   What an amazing Day!

We also had famous speakers at various concerts-  including MP’s, business and industry leaders, CEO’s of peace, education and music organisations, media presenters, Bishops, Deans and Imams, peals of bells for peace, candlelit processions, feasts for peace and thousands of school assemblies, local concerts and choirs singing in community locations.  We also had a flashmob in Trafalgar Square which made it on to BBC TV News!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who joined in and raised their voices for peace and/or also helped and supported other people to do that, by organising, supporting, coaching, encouraging, inspiring and teaching others to sing so that they could be part of our huge and wonderful worldwide ‘choir for peace.’

We’ve been asked over and over – what next?  Well, what do you think?  Given that One Day One Choir seems to be so popular and inspiring, clearly we have to continue and keep spreading the word and inspiring more and more people to add and raise their voices with us for peace next year.  Our plan for 2019 is to reach outwards and upwards to more and more organisations as well as local communities, in order to motivate and inspire them to support and work to help us too.  Let us know if and how you can help with that.

We’re already making huge waves in schools, the prison service, cathedrals, religious groups, local choirs and with peace organisations , so our continuing  plan is to do more of that and also to work with and engage more and more groups in the community, the choral world on a wider global scale.

Watch this space, and in the meantime, thanks again for all you have done.  Keep us in your diary for next year – it’s a Saturday so that’s a perfect opportunity to have a big community and family sing for peace – and keep spreading the word about our vision and help to encourage and inspire more and more people to raise their voices with us on September 21st next year.





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