We’re really excited this month to share our new Global Song Circle song which is taught and sung by the amazing VOCES8!  It’s a really easy to learn and uplifting arrangement of Bobby McFerrin’s Circle song 7, Si le le.  With super simple lyrics and a bit of fun body tapping as well, you can learn this on your sofa either on your own or with your household group.

It’s a great song for families too and we’d really love to see and hear all your versions of it on social media throughout May, especially on the 17/18th which is Global Days of Unity weekend, and we’d love you to use these hashtags with your films please #globalsongcircle and #VOCES8

Having launched the community project Global Song Circle just as the world was closing down we’ve continued to grow it for (and from!) home as we know just how vital and uplifting singing is to help keep up our spirits.

Singing also helps us to feel connected to others – remember those wonderful balcony singing moments in March and April – and it helps us to keep healthy.  So especially in our new different and challenging times, when we can’t go out and sing in choirs or groups, we want to give you an uplifting song to learn at home every month; a song that will be shared and sung by others around the world so that you can be part of a Global Song Circle in an easy from home way.

Please get involved, learn the songs, sing and film yourselves, share the project with your friends and family, and please post your versions online each month so we can all keep connected through singing.  And finally – of course, please stay safe and keep well.


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