Thank you to everyone who has joined in to add their voices and to support our project and others like us who are working for peace and inspiring people around the world to raise their voices in unity for more personal, local and global peace.

We’re thrilled about the millions of people who will be raising their voices are around the world and delighted that so many organisations and individuals are uniting to mobilise people globally – we’re proud to be collaborating with lots of wonderful organisations who are all working towards a more peaceful planet on an individual, local and global scale.

Thanks EBU and Classic fm in London for highlighting Peace Day and playing pieces for peace. Thanks singing for giving us a perfect uniting medium to raise our voices through and thanks Uplift Inspire for especially promoting our work recently – and to you all for stepping up to take part and, hopefully, continuing to support us in the future by spreading the word and continuing to raise your voices for peace.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Peace Day 2019 – let it be the start of many more where voices are raised and actions taken to make more positive and uplifting contributions to more peaceful peaceful lives for all of us.

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