Pilarmonics – Murcia, Spain;  MacGregor Public School – Canada;  The Walking Stones Singers – Santiago, Chile;  World Beyond War – Ontario; Marlboro Middle School – Marlboro NY, USA; Singing Mama’s – UK; Sing! Sing! Sing! – Houston Texas; St Willibrord’s RC Primary School – Manchester, UK; Futuraskolan International – Stockhom, Sweden;  St James Church Choir – Mere Green, UK; Ruffing Montessori School – Cleveland, USA; Jersey College Prep – Channel Islands; Young Notes – London, UK; Bankoko Institute – Mambasa DRC, Voices Choir – Pevensey, UK and Seachange Singers – Queensland, Australia, are just some of the ‘choirs’ who have signed up to sing for peace with us in the last 2 weeks!

Collaboration and shared voices for peace in our communities and around the world are key to being ‘heard’ – so inspiring others to join in, sign up and sing, think about and act for peace; personal, local and global peace is vital.  We’re still aiming for millions of singers for peace so please keep helping us to achieve that.

We’re delighted that one way we’re connecting with more and more peace minded people who love singing is through our lovely new promo film.  Huge thanks once again to our lovely film maker (who wishes to remain incognito!) and if you haven’t already seen and shared it, you can watch it on this website and you can also see and share it from our Facebook page.

Next week there will be a new free song available for Peace Day from our supporters Sing Up, so look out for that and please keep spreading the word as widely as you can to encourage as many more people as possible to sign up and raise their voices with us again this year on September 21st.



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