… and this year sadly we won’t be having our big choir sing around the world as of course so many of us are not allowed to sing together at the moment.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t sing and despite the challenges of Covid we will still be raising our voices for unity and peace and asking you to do the same.

In a very few places, such as Guernsey where we have great supporters, there we still be live events as they are Covid free and allowed to sing!  We are also hoping to have a small live, socially distanced, event in Jerusalem as part of our Global Song Circle partnership as our next month’s song is being taught by the Jerusalem Youth Chorus. Do look out for the next GSC song which we would love you to learn, sing and share for Peace Day in particular.   It will be available very soon.

If you live in a part of the world where you are allowed to sing together then please do – and send us your songs.  Also you can sing together as families or organise a zoom sing for peace, something we would love you to do.  Whatever situation you find yourselves in, we would love you still to raise your voices for unity and peace on September 21st – and let us know you are doing that.

We will also be posting pieces of music for peace on our Facebook page on the day for you to enjoy listening to or sing along with.  I know we say this every year but we really do need unity and peace in our lives and communities more than ever right now so please raise your voices, share our message and sing for peace with ODOC and GSC.

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