… as we go live with a Q and A about the power and importance of singing together and a teaching session of the June song.

We’re excited to be part of this Make Music Day livestream at 7pm on Sunday 21st June, Midsummer’s Day and we’re delighted to be joined by our ODOC MD, Jeremy Haneman, who will teach the June Global Song Circle song with the help of Sabelo Mthembu who will be joining us live from South Africa.

You can follow the stream live on our Facebook page and our on the Global Song Circle page, where you will also be able to sing along with amazing The King’s Singers and the Mthembu Quartet who have all helped us with our song teaching film this month.

The song, Thinga Singumlilo Ovuthayo, is a traditional South African song, sung in Zulu so get ready to learn a new language as well as a new song!  Don’t worry – it’s simple and easy to learn.

We hope you’re enjoying our films and learning the songs we’re teaching and singing along with them at home whilst we’re all unable to go out and sing with our friends and choir colleagues.

These are strange and challenging times for us all but it is important that we keep singing, even more so if we are at home on our own – in fact more importantly than ever, as singing is so good for us and keeps us healthy and uplifted.

If you haven’t had a go at the June song yet, please do – and if you feel brave enough then we’d love to see your version of it posted on our Facebook page or Instagram.  Please share it with others too and hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will all be singing together again in the real world as well as online.

We’re still planning something exciting for Peace Day so have a think about what you might be able to do for that – with your friends and family – online or at home.  In the meantime, keep singing, keep well, and look our for our next teaching film which will be appearing at the end of June 🙂


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