and we’re so excited about all the singing events and happenings around the world and online, even though lots of us still can’t sing in choirs or schools as we usually do at the moment. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us and who will be raising their voices for peace on Monday with millions of others around the globe.

We’re especially excited to be a part of the Voices for Unity event which will be taking place live in Jerusalem on the 21st with Uplift and Global Days of Unity.  We are a partner of the project with Global Song Circle and we’d love you to learn our September song – if you haven’t already – so that you can sing along with it on our Facebook live-stream from the event in Jerusalem which starts at 6pm UK BST.  You can find it on the front page of this website.

For the 5th year running, Guernsey will be holding their special One Day One Choir/Peace live concert, Peace in the Valley, as they have managed to remain COVID free – so they can all sing together in the community – they will also be ringing bells for peace in different locations.

Online we’re particularly happy to share a wonderful film launch/Peace Day event created by Jeremy Haneman who has supported us and directed our Peace Day events in London since we began, and who also taught the June Global Song Circle song.  Working with the IOM, and Surrey Arts, his organisation Together Productions, has created a dynamic and uplifting film with singers from around the world which will be launched at 5pm BST on Peace Day as part of an inspirational concert called Walk With Me – you can register for a free ticket at

And our founding supporters Peace One Day are holding an amazing all day online event, also freely accessible on , which will feature a fantastic array of global speakers and musicians including Jack Savoretti, Jesse Royal, Annie Lennox and our ODOC friends The Citizens of the World Choir.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, even if it’s just singing a little song on your own at home – please raise your thoughts and your voices for peace on Monday 21st, and please continue to do that throughout the year moving forward; personal, local and global peace.

We wish you and your family and friends the best of health and wellbeing – and we wish you peace, love, happiness and a song in your heart.

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