We are thrilled to announce a wonderful new partnership with www.upliftconnect.com with whom we have created an exciting new monthly singing project – www.globalsongcircle.com

Every month we will share with you a new free to access and easy to learn songs, taught by a choir and song leader in a short film with free music download.  We’d love you to learn the songs and join in.  As the year goes by, this also means you will have a whole new collection of songs for Peace Day.

Global Song Circle is part of the new Global Days of Unity project which aims to inspire and uplift people around the world to unite in their communities to share and take actions for unity on the 3rd weekend of each month.  We’d love you to become part of this, even if you just learn the songs and share them with us by posting on the new Global Song Circle Facebook page.

Our first song is Love is Love is Love is Love, by Abbie Betinis and from the Justice Choir Songbook which is an easy to learn 3 part round and which you can find at www.globalsongcircle.com

Please join the project, share our songs and social media pages and keep raising your voices in peace, unity and harmony to help create a more uplifted world.

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