The Global Song Circle

Global Song Circle is an invitation to people across the world to unite through the power of singing together. It’s a project which has been created by One Day One Choir and Uplift Connect who have partnered to provide a new song teaching film every month, taught by different choral leaders and singing groups and which are freely available for everyone to access and learn from.

The aim is that people and groups will learn the songs and then sing together each month, knowing that others around the world will singing the same song as one ‘global choir’, united for harmony, peace and love. The songs are all freely available and sheet music is also provided.

When we sing with others, our hearts begin to beat at the same time; we become happier and healthier and our energetic frequency rises. So, when we sing together, in the thousands and millions, we can collectively improve our wellbeing and help to raise the frequency of the whole planet.

The project launched in March 2020 with live recordings but of course, our world and our lives have changed rapidly since then so currently we are teaching ‘from home’ with our various groups – and asking you to sing at home, either by yourself or with your family.

To help you all feel more connected, we’d love you to film short moments of your singing and share them on social media to encourage and inspire others to join in. We are also planning some live teaching sessions so you can come to those, learn the song and join in. We have some great teachers and groups so do please join us – and share the project too.

Once we are all allowed to sing together in our communities, we will revert to the original aim which is to film live groups and for you to all sing with others again.

Global Song Circle is part of the Global Days of Unity project, an initiative that unites individuals and communities across the world on the third weekend of every month to share an activity that they love to help uplift themselves and the planet.

The Global Song Circle Videos and Songs

2020 Round up

Walk In Your Neighbour's Shoes

October 2020

One Source Waking Up

September 2020

Belle Mama

August 2020

Wade in the Water

July 2020

Thina Singumlilo Ovuthayo

June 2020

Si Le Le

May 2020

The Resolution Song

April 2020

Love is Love is Love is Love

March 2020

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