About One Day One Choir

Singing is probably the most universally accessible and inclusive activity we can do as anyone and everyone can join in at some level. It’s also good for us in so many ways – science has shown that when we sing (or chant) together our body produces feel good and social bonding hormones AND our hearts start to beat at the same tempo.

Singing has the power to make us feel calmer, happier and uplifted as well as having a direct and measurable impact on our mental and physical well-being.

Singing together has long been a powerful and positive part of bringing and holding communities together and uniting them in a social and healing way. It’s even been shown scientifically to bond us with one another more quickly than any other group activity …

Which is why we chose the harmonious and uniting power of singing together as a step forward to peace and unity – and because because it’s fun and fab!

So do join in and (as we work unfunded) please help us reach out as far and wide as possible to inspire others to come on board. We’d love you to spread the word to your family, friends, schools, singing, local and social networks and feel free to talk to your local media and get them on board as well!
Singing together as a choir ticks all 10 of our Keys to Happier Living.
CEO Action for Happiness

A choir for peace is a brilliant idea
Richard Morrison, The Times

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Please, sign up to sing with us on Peace Day and on a monthly basis, share what you are doing, and our project, with as many other friends, singers, community, choir, social and school groups as you can - and on social media using #globalsongcircle and #onedayonechoir.

One Day One Choir has been created by Jane Hanson FRSA, a choral aficionado, project leader, writer and educator, who is passionate about peace and singing and has researched, documented and broadcast the positive and powerful impact of singing together for many years.

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