In just 3 weeks time Peace Day will be upon us and millions and millions of people around the world will be raising their voices and taking actions for peace – personal, local and global peace.

We’re thrilled that so many people and organisations are now uniting to raise their voices for peace and are also actively collaborating with others to create a huge and loud global voice.

Please step up, join in and help increase the volume.

At UK HQ we’re delighted to have been asked by the Mayor of London to sing for peace and unity at City Hall, both in the outdoor arena, The Scoop, and also inside at a special Citizenship ceremony being held to welcome new citizens here. We’ll have all kinds of choirs singing for peace there, as well as around the world, and you’re welcome to come along and join in.

You still have 3 weeks to add your voices so please do – sing up and sing for peace with us.

We also love hearing from those who are joining in. This week we’ve had messages from Argentina – telling us that they’re busy preparing for the 21st, from Qatar – where hundreds of children are singing in schools, from the States – where all kinds of groups are taking part, and from Australia where the director at Broken Hill told us he’d heard ODOC choirs singing in Cornwall and was so inspired by the project that he’d taken it all the way to the outback and organised a choir to sing for peace with us there.

So where ever you are, and what ever kind of choir or voice you have – please just add it to all the millions and millions of others who will be raising theirs on Peace Day this year and singing, chanting, meditating or speaking up for more peace in our selves, our communities and our world .

Sing for Peace with us on September 21st

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