A HUGE thankyou to everyone who joined in and sang for peace with us this year – and to all of you who helped, supported, composed, conducted, dedicated concerts, shared songs, directed, inspired and chanted  prayers for peace and unity for us.  We’re delighted to tell you that at least a million and a half people sang for peace with us this year – that we know of – in more than 70 countries!  And we’re pretty sure that there were thousands and thousands more …

Next year we’d like to reach even more countries and, of course, lots more people.  Our world is still in such a state of flux and uncertainty – and peace and unity are needed now more than ever, so let’s reach out together to bring even more people on board to unite with us through their voices, and to sing for peace in 2018.

Now is the time to start planning for this of course as we are working towards mobilising the ‘biggest choir in the world singing for peace’ on September 21st – and with the amazing support and responses we’ve had since the project began in 2014, we are in no doubt that will happen.  Thankyou for continuing to spread the word and for sharing the project with anyone and everyone you know who loves singing and wants to live in a more peaceful and harmonious world.

We’ve heard some really inspiring, moving and uplifting stories of events, assemblies, projects and concerts that have taken place under the One Day One Choir umbrella this year and we’ll be sharing some of those with you on the run up to Peace Day 2018.  In the meantime, we’re particularly keen to reach more schools and lots more children so please help us to do that.  We have free songs on our schools page – we’re planning for more in 2018 – and support for teachers and schools.

Thankyou for engaging with, singing for and helping us to grow our ‘choral project for peace’ – we wish you happy and peaceful singing throughout the year and and we look forward to hearing from you in 2018.




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