We can’t believe how quickly time flies.  It seems only ‘yesterday’ that the vision for One Day One Choir came into being, and here we are now rolling towards our goal of ‘the biggest choir in the world, singing for peace’, by 2018!

We have no doubt we will achieve this as thousands and thousands of voices have already joined and sung for peace and unity in 70 countries around the world.  But of course we’d love thousands, in fact millions more of you to sing with us in 2018 please.

If you’re already signed up and we’re in your diary for next year, great – and please encourage others to do the same.  Reach out in to your communities and spread the word, invite new people to join in or even put on a local event or concert.

If you haven’t sung with us yet then now is the time to join in!  All you have to do is get together with people in your community/choir/school and sing at least one song for peace and unity (we have some on the website for you to use for free) OR dedicate something you are already singing and then sign up on the JOIN page to let us know.  It really is that easy!

We need peace and unity in our communities and around the world more than ever before now so please add your voices to millions of others singing out for it on Peace Day and help us spread the word far and wide.  Thank you.

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